Mother Dairy completes 50 years, how it became such a big milk brand by fulfilling the need

The first thing needed in the morning in the house is milk. If you are living in Delhi-NCR then the first name that comes to your mind for milk is Mother Dairy. Mother Dairy is not only fulfilling the needs of milk or dairy products but has also become a landmark in the home addresses of millions of people. Perhaps this is the reason why the company that emerged from the White Revolution has become such a big brand in the dairy world today. And whatever it may be, how difficult can it be for a brand with the word ‘mother’ associated with it to build a relationship with people? Today your Mother Dairy has covered a long distance of 50 years. Come, let us know the interesting story of this journey of Mother Dairy.

Mother Dairy started after the White Revolution: Let us tell you that the government had started White Revolution to meet the need of milk in the country. To fulfill this objective, the foundation of Mother Dairy was laid in the year 1974 under the National Dairy Development Board. The aim of Mother Dairy is to benefit the farmers. With the help of Mother Dairy, farmers get the right price for milk. Whereas people living in cities get pure milk. Let us tell you that Mother Dairy fulfills 68 percent of the milk requirement in Delhi. Apart from the dairy brand, Mother Dairy now sells vegetable oil under the Safal brand and edible oil under the Dhara brand. Let us tell you that Mother Dairy sells more than 35 lakh liters of milk every day in Delhi and NCR through poly packs and vending machines. Apart from this, the company also sells items used for daily household needs. This includes fruits, vegetables, jam, milk.

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