Highest unemployment in the cities of Himachal, lowest unemployment in these two states

The National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) has released data regarding unemployment among the youth in different states of the country. According to the report released by NSSO, in the second quarter of the current financial year, among the age group of 15 to 29 years, Himachal Pradesh remained at the forefront in urban areas with 33.9 percent unemployment rate while Rajasthan stood at second place with 30.2 percent unemployment. This fact has come to light from the Labor Force Survey (PLFS) data of the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) for the July-September, 2023 quarter.

The situation of Gujarat and Delhi is much better: According to the survey conducted in 22 states of the country, the lowest unemployment rate among the youth in the age group of 15-29 percent in the quarter under review was in Gujarat at 7.1 percent followed by Delhi at 8.4 percent. NSSO had conducted its first quarterly labor force survey in April, 2017. It is released every quarter. The state of activity in the seven days preceding the survey is called the current weekly state (CWS). The data shows that in the July-September quarter 2023, overall unemployment in the 15-29 age group in the country’s cities was 22.9 percent, while among women it was 15.5 percent.

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