Ayushmann Khurrana drops his first song ‘Akh Da Taara’ with Warner Music India

In an exciting new development Bollywood superstar Ayushmann Khurrana has just dropped his latest single, ‘Akh Da Taara,’ marking his first collaboration with Warner Music India. This recently announced partnership is set to introduce Ayushmann’s fans to a new facet of his musical talent.

In ‘Akh Da Taara’, Ayushmann Khurrana embarks on a journey, capturing the five stages of grief following a breakup— denial, anger, gloom, bargaining and acceptance—within the framework of an unconventional and synth-pop inspired upbeat track. Through the stunning visuals of the music video, he goes through all stages of grief and the journey comes to an end as he realises that it’s too late and comes to accept the consequences and fate of the matter. This song is not just a track; it’s an experience, inviting listeners to find pieces of their own stories within its verses.

Speaking about the new track, Ayushmann shared, “I feel I have reinvented myself in my music journey with ‘Akh Da Taara’. This track is unlike anything I’ve sung before, blending heartbreak with pop music in a way that feels both deeply personal and universally relatable. It’s an international sound filled with intense beats and soul-stirring verses, marking our leap onto the global stage. We are planning to release more songs that will explore a variety of sounds, and I will definitely be involved in composing and writing some of them.”

‘Akh Da Taara’ is now available across all streaming platforms under the Warner Music India label.

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