Florian Hurel gives you the secrets to dewy skin and make up in summer

Summer is almost here, and we can’t wait to get out for some sunshine. However, before we do, it’s important to make sure our skin care is on point, and make up is summer ready! French hair and make-up expert Florian Hurel, who has dressed up the likes of Deepika Padukone, Sara Ali Khan and Priyanka Chopra, gives us tips on how to do this.

“While skincare is an essential step to sweat-proof makeup for summer, don’t lather your skin with unnecessary products. Using fewer products will keep your makeup in place for longer, making it easier to sweat-proof your makeup in the hot weather. Choose a lightweight moisturiser with hyaluronic acid and other natural skin nourishing ingredients like vitamins A, C, and E. Pat an oil-based moisturiser on top, which will protect your skin,” he says.

As for make up, he says, “Keep your makeup light. Nude makeup aims to enhance natural beauty without appearing heavily made-up. Dewy makeup emphasises a luminous, healthy glow. Matte makeup focuses on a shine-free finish. Pastel makeup involves soft, muted shades that create a dreamy and whimsical look. Natural makeup aims to enhance features while maintaining a barely-there look. It’s perfect for a casual, everyday appearance.”

He adds, “Before you start creating any summer makeup looks, apply some primer to your T-zone. You can opt for a mattifying primer as it will reduce shine, even out your skin and fill your pores. It will also help hold the foundation on your skin better and make it last longer. No matter what summer makeup looks you are creating you must set your face makeup with powder to make it last all day. The best way to make your summer makeup budge-proof is by using a loose powder. Replace your heavyweight foundation with a lightweight one. You can even opt for a face tint to get both skincare and makeup benefits. While doing your summer eye makeup, it is best to keep the look to a minimum. Fill in your eyebrows and apply a single metallic eyeshadow colour across your lids. The most important step while doing your summer eye makeup is to load your lashes with mascara. If your summer makeup goal is something minimal yet fresh, then lip tints will be the perfect way to seal your summer makeup look. blush. Applying blush will liven up your look while giving your skin colour and life.”

And here is a bonus for summer brides! “Skin is an important part of your overall appearance on your wedding day. Keeping hydration in mind is so important. Cleansing should focus on hydration. I recommend finding a product that is fragrance-free, and one that nourishes the skin with hyaluronic acid to make it plump and glowy. Brides with oily skin should focus on water-based hydrating serums. Once you’ve applied your serum, you should lock in its benefits by using a moisturiser, since you don’t want to put on anything super heavy before makeup. Also, it is very important to remember to not skip SPF. Last but not least, finish your pre-makeup routine with primer. Brides with dry skin should opt for a hydrating primer, while those with oily skin should consider a mattifying serum or anti-shine primer,” he says.

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