‘Pyar Ke Do Naam’ movie review | …a unique experience for viewers of all ages

Movie: Pyar Ke Do Naam
Starring: Bhavya Sachdeva, Ankita Sahu, Kanika Gautam, Achal Tankwal
Director: Danish Javed
Genre: Romance-Drama
Release Date: 03.05.2024
Rating: 3/5 stars

By Yogesh Mishra
Pyar Ke Do Naam, directed by Danish Javed, is one of the most charming love stories that illustrates the ideological disagreement between Nelson Mandela and Gandhiji. This film is a unique love story of the modern period, redefining love.

Renowned TV actor Bhavya Sachdeva has made an impression with his outstanding performance in the movie. Ankita Sahu has also done justice to her character. The film’s plot centers on a “Peace” seminar that Aligarh Muslim University is hosting. In a seminar, the deeply infatuated couple Kabir and Saima are selected to manage the university’s hospitality. Kaira Singh and Aryan Khanna attend this seminar because their respective colleges sent them to win the peace award for their ideas, and the outcome of their match will determine how far they may go in their academic careers. So, winning the award is a “do or die” situation for both of them. Climax is the real crux of the story. So, to know what happens at the end, one must watch the film.

The onscreen chemistry between Ankita Sahu and Bhavya Sachdeva in the movie seems to be organic. Both of them have done a wonderful job, whether it is in their romantic scenes or their bantering, and the filmmaker also received strong performances from Kanika Gautam and Achal Tankwal. The performances of the remaining actors have likewise been excellent.
The film’s poignant and endearing dialogue is one of its strong points.

The songs of the film are very melodious and melodious. The entire film has been shot in Aligarh Muslim University.

The movie Pyar Ke Do Naam is well worth seeing. The film’s superb direction, outstanding acting, engaging cinematography, tight writing, and melodic songs provide a unique experience for viewers of all ages as it conveys the narrative of the exquisite sentiments and emotions of love. So, why wait? Go and watch it in your nearest cinema hall.

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