It’s up to every actor to choose the work they do: Mrunal Jain

Actor Mrunal Jain is known for his shows like Bandini, Uttaran and Hitler Didi. He has also worked in films like Sab Kushal Mangal and Sooryavanshi. Mrunal is currently looking for good opportunities. Mrunal, who is also an entrepreneur and co-owner of Tennis Premier League,  is missing from his first love acting for quite some time now. Speaking more on his career in acting Mrunal says,” I’m an actor first. It’s just that I am also busy with Tennis Premier League, which I have been doing for the last five years. A lot of time and effort has gone over there to build up my IP, so the business entrepreneur inside me was working and building the other side of my passion, which is sports. I do get offers in acting, whether it is antagonists or protagonists but few I didn’t like and few clashed with my calendar. My last show was Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. Before that, I have done a web series that is about to be released this year. Honestly, I am not staying away from television, but there were a lot of commitments towards my own sports engagements, which is why you’ve not seen me on screen. Now that my league’s (TPL) season 5  has finished in December, the next 6 months I will be looking forward to a good show or a web series. Side by side, I am doing a few music albums as well. Three of my music videos were released last year, and I am looking forward to doing a few more this year.”

But in today’s scenario when there are a number of actors and tough competition is there, is getting good work a challenge? Mrunal has a different opinion on that.

He adds,”I would say it’s the choice of work that every actor wants to do. Sometimes what I wanted to do didn’t come my way, and something that I didn’t want to do I took up, and that turned into the right choice for me. So sometimes your gut feeling or instincts say you need to take up that thing.  At times the actor gets an instinctive feeling which is “yes, I want to do this, I really want to do this. Competition was there before also, and it is going to increase every year because there are a lot of platforms that have come. There are OTT platforms – in the last 5 years, the scenario has changed since COVID, so competition has increased, but simultaneously, there are a lot of platforms that have increased, which has created a lot of opportunities for actors to work on. If I think about competition, I would be stuck with “What I don’t get.” So rather than focusing on myself and what I can get and what I should be giving best for, my focus is not on competition; my focus is on myself rather than on any competition.“

Mrunal has played various shades in his career and is eagerly waiting for something which will excite him as an actor. He also wants to let people know that he has not taken a break from acting. He believes his entrepreneur side and acting can be maintained in a balanced way.

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