The intense teaser of ‘The Battle of Chhuriyan’ ruled the industry

Although there have been a lot of gangster dramas and criminal thrillers in the past, “The Battle of Chhuriyan” appears to be above them all based on its latest teaser. This is the first time a teaser for a movie announcement has been this powerful. The audience is free to apply their own interpretations to this three-minute video. Some would regard it as a revenge drama, while others might see it as a story about gangsters.

This three-minute teaser opens with a welcome to the world of gangsters. Gangsters are showing off their firearms, knives, and other armaments. A person with a face that is a combination of half black and half natural skin tone is shown dynamically throughout the movie. This individual has a severe demeanor that is half male and half female. The teaser depicts a range of characters, including bloodthirsty, ugly, crazy, and bastards, on one side and a group of nice people led by a group of women on the other. A group of women carried a dead body toward the crematorium, where it was displayed in a fashion that had never been seen before.

A movie’s teaser provides its intended audience with their first impression. The trailer for The Battle of Chhuriyan has all the makings of a teaser that sparks conversation about the movie. Even if there have been many gangster dramas in the past, this teaser’s presentation and style suggest that the movie will definitely astonish audiences with its unique storytelling technique.

Writer-director Ravi Singh says, “Now through this teaser, we are connecting the audience with the main plot of ‘Battle of Chhuriyan’. Our film is not a formula Bollywood film of heroes and villains; it is a story that the audience will see on the big screen for the first time. ‘Battle of Chhuriyan Chapter 1’ has many characters, and these characters have many shades. There are around 40 lead actors in this film; hence, more than 60 actors will be seen in supporting roles.”

Although film makers have not mentioned the characters names of the artists, we can see many renowned faces from the film, TV, and OTT world, like Subrat Dutta, Pritam Singh Pyare, Nveen Kalirawna, Mumtaz Sorcar, Jaymin Thakkar, Ankur Armam, Shraddha Tiwary,  Abhimanyu Tiwari, Mohd. Gilani Pasha , Jaymin Thakkar, Kartik Kaushik, Shraddha Tiwary, Poornima Sharma, Murari Kumar, Shivam Singh, Vikas Mishra, Javed Umar, Uttam Nayak, Shyam Kumar, Shivam Singh, Vicky Rajveer, Ritesh Raman, Atul Shashwat, Roban Kumar, Brijesh Karanwal, Jay Prakash Jha, Adarsh Bhardwaj, Ugresh Thakur, Sachin Prabhakar, Marshall Tyagi, Shalini Kashyap, Jitendra Malhotra, Deepak Yadav.

The Battle of Chhuriyan is made under the banner of Ramna Avatar Films Production. This is written and directed by Ravi Singh, Produced by Anjali Gaur Singh and Amit Singh.
Is it a gangster drama, a suspense thriller, or a revenge story? We can just make our guesses, but the actual suspense will be unveiled only once we see the film.  Soon the audience will have a larger-than-life experience on the big screen.

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