Ayushmann Khurrana helping transgender community in Chandigarh to upskill and turn self-reliant

Bollywood star, youth icon and UNICEF National Ambassador for India, Ayushmann Khurrana has been a vocal supporter of human rights through his body of work in films, on social media, and at key national and global forums.

The talented actor–artiste is now helping members of the transgender community in Chandigarh to upskill and turn self-reliant. Ayushmann has invested in building food trucks for the community so that they can be empowered to run their own food businesses. The food trucks are being called ‘Sweekar’, a relevant take on the importance of acceptance for the community in today’s society.

Ayushmann, today, handed over the keys to the Sweekar Food Trucks to the transgender community at Zirakpur in Chandigarh.

Speaking about this, Ayushmann says, “To me, self-reliance is one of the most important steps towards protecting human rights. Nation building requires inclusivity, it calls for protecting rights of every individual living in this country. We can all contribute towards it. I have always felt that individuals need to actively participate in empowering communities so that more and more people become self-reliant. This is my way of doing my bit for my country, for my fellow citizens.”

Dhananjay Chauhan, the first transgender student of Panjab University and an active voice for the community in the state, was handed over the keys to the food trucks. She says, “The definition of progress of a country can be measured in how empowered, how self-reliant and how protected every community feels. Ayushmann has always been a true supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community of India. He has done this through his brand of cinema, as well as in the way he lives his life or how he conducts himself on social media. Chandigarh is his home. So, it is really special that he has stepped forward to aid the transgender community here.”

Dhananjay further adds, “I strongly feel that we don’t need anything special from society. We only need them to see us, hear us and accept us. A lot of us are educated, hardworking, and just need work opportunities to prove our mettle. Ayushmann has given wings to our aspirations and encouraged us in every step of the way. We are going to make this count.”

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