Marvelous Mrs. India is getting up for an incredible return for season 2

MUMBAI: A platform that welcomes women of all ages, heights, and weights, Marvelous Mrs. India (MMI) is set to return for its much awaited second season, vowing to defy the traditional beauty standards of the pageant industry. Based on the idea that dreams know no age restrictions, MMI welcomes all women who are at least 18 years old and gives them the opportunity to pursue their dreams in spite of social norms.

In a ground-breaking decision, MMI embraces honesty and diversity while rejecting conventional beauty standards. The pageant is committed to the mental and emotional health of its contestants, covering everything from unmet goals to microaggressions, and aims to inspire each and every woman who enters.

Dr. Aditi Govitrikar, the founder of MMI and the first Mrs. World of India, individually trains and mentors each contestant. The foundation of MMI is Dr. Govitrikar’s dedication to empowerment and sincerity, which makes it the sincerest pageant in the business. Personal growth, stress management, time management, public speaking, ramp walk training, hair and makeup instructions, picture posing, and much more are all included in the program. This guarantees that every contestant departs the pageant impeccably groomed, polished, and prepared to take on global platforms.

MMI’s inaugural season was a huge success, assisting participants in creating and realizing their ambitions. This tradition is expected to be carried on in the future season, offering a life-changing event that transcends aesthetics.

MMI season 1 arranged sessions with spiritual gurus such Gaur Gopal Das and the holy Brahma Kumari Sister Shivani to assist the mental and spiritual well-being of its participants. These sessions offered a comprehensive approach to detoxifying the mind and soul. The goal of these workshops is to improve participants’ experiences by assisting them in discovering inner strength and serenity.

The press conference is slated for June 11, 2024, while the grand finale of the second season is scheduled for October. This event will showcase the pageant’s commitment to empowering and celebrating women from all walks of life, and serve as a preview to the amazing journey that awaits the participants.

Marvelous Mrs. India is a movement that redefines beauty, promotes personal development, and empowers women to follow their aspirations with poise and confidence. It is more than just a pageant. In the pageant industry, MMI continues to set new standards as it gets ready for its second season, demonstrating that true beauty is inclusive, diverse, and empowering.

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